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Collection of hot rugged straight men on webcam
Added: Feb 14, 2021
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It's been so long since we last saw handsome straight jock Jizzy. He used to come by and have so much fun, we've missed him. When he called up we couldn't wait to get him over for a good jack off session, but we weren't expecting new guy Troy to turn up too. It's cool, these guys are good buddies already and nothing is gonna put Jizzy off his strokes. Troy is the kind of straight guy who doesn't mind getting his thick cock out with a bro to enjoy some porn and stroking and we can only imagine they're used to seeing each other playing with their meat. Troy is the first to reach his limit, standing to spurt his cum over the towel on the ground, with his buddy Jizzy watching. With his thick meat spent he can't chill out and relax while Jizzy gets himself off and delivers a hot thick load over the mess Troy made. It turns out Troy likes seeing a cock spurting it out, then again most guys do. Let's hope Jizzy comes back again soon, I'm pretty sure Troy would like another jack session with him.
Added: Mar 15, 2020
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Sexy Straight Rugged and rough trashy dudes
Added: Feb 26, 2020
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You guys really liked Billy in his first video, and we know why. He's a good looking guy, the kind of straight guy a lot of you know and wouldn't mind helping out if the chance came up. He's getting down to it as soon as we turn the camera on, his cock being rubbed and his big balls swinging and jiggling. He just really needed to get off and splash that cum load, so it's a short session, but totally work a quick jerk with him. You want to see him again, right?
From: admin
Added: Feb 15, 2020
Total Photos: 7
Our cameraman has a knack of convincing straight guys to try new things, so this week he asks a handsome hunk to let two muscular young boys penetrate his tight asshole. The older guy agrees, covering their dicks in saliva before bending over for a raw anal pounding!
From: admin
Added: Jan 12, 2020
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Nudes of me
Added: Sep 7, 2019
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Boys from porn I think are hot
From: Headsex
Added: Feb 2, 2018
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Good ol' boy gun lovers Jaxton Wheeler and Sean Duran, pull up to the gun show and park in the parking lot. Sean is excited to head in to see all the automatic and semi-automatic weapons but Jaxton is a little reluctant saying he'll catch up with Sean later. Sean discovers that Jaxton has a boner and needs to take care of it before they can head into the show. Sean reveals that he's got a hard-on too, so to avoid getting arrested for beating off in the car, the two head into the building to find a private spot to rub one out. This 'Gun Show' has the studs so turned on that they enter a storage room and take to their own corners to jack their raging boners. Sean keeps edging closer to Jaxton, who protests with every step closer that Sean takes. Sean won't shut up and wants to finish as fast as possible so they can head in to see the gun demonstrations. 'Dude, you take too fucking long,'' Sean says as he gets on his knees to service his buddy. Jaxton is reluctant at first and responds with: 'What the fuck are you doing, ya faggot?'. But once he feels Sean's lips wrapped around his thick cock, Jaxton relents and lets the tatted hick take his cock down his throat. Jaxton fucks Sean's face as Sean jacks his own big hairy cock. After sucking Jaxton's dick for what seems like forever, he stands up and once again tells Jaxton that he's taking too long. 'It's your turn now,' Sean declares. After a bit of protest from Jaxton on account of not knowing how to suck a dick, Jaxton finally agrees to give it a try. It's a rocky start on Sean's pulsing shaft, but Jaxton gets the hang of it and is able to service his buddy without another hitch. It's almost as if Jaxton was born to suck cock. He doesn't miss and inch and even gets in to suck on Sean's big low hanging balls and fuzzy taint. When Sean is close, he pulls out and paints Jaxton's black hairy beard white. With all of Sean's sticky jizz clinging to his face, Jaxton returns the favor and sprays his muscled-up buddy with his own brand of relief. Once they're done, the party is over and they immediately search for a cum rag to wipe down and clean up before they head back out the door to join the masses of gun-loving patriots.
From: Armydawgs
Added: Aug 3, 2017
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At, fit-bodied Morgan has made fitness videos before, but never been stark naked on camera flashing his bits and having a wank. Anyone watching this bearded young stud demonstrating how to do a squat must have imagined burying their face in his firm tight arse! Here he is for the first time in the buff talking about his sexual habits and desires and giving full unrestricted access to his body. Your mouth will water when you see his hand trembling to pull his arse cheeks apart to reveal his perfect arsehole
Added: Mar 21, 2017
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Anton and Sean certainly know how to give each other head! No newbies this day!

Anton was giving-off a bossy vibe in this video, so after some making out, he makes Sean suck on his cock. Anton is a lot less nervous than he was for his solo, so he is horny and eager to play with Sean.

He sucks Sean next, toying with his cockhead, and licking his balls.

Best moment is Anton climbing up the back of the couch in order to fuck Sean's face. He pile drives his cock down Sean's throat while we get a great look at his ass.

Both guys love to rim, and they take turns tossing some salads.

Anton knew he would likely have to stroke his cock until he would cum, so he rapidly strokes a load into Sean's eager mouth.

Sean then climbs over him and fires-off a ton of jizz that coats Anton's entire face.

They end the video with some nice cummy kissing!
Added: Mar 10, 2017
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Connor Maguire drills Jeremy Spreadums tight hole with his throbbing man meat.
Added: Feb 25, 2017
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Daniel has been getting a little more curious about things, a little more willing to play and perform in ways he never thought he would. We've seen him jerking off with other boys, now we get to see him enjoying his own cock and cum load as he strokes his hard meat and gets into position to spew his hot cream right into his own face! There's more right here if he wants it!
Added: Feb 17, 2017
Total Photos: 12
Italian boy Riccardo has that cocky masculine attitude which makes straight guys so infuriatingly sexy. He’s also naïve enough to think all working in porn involves is showing up on set to screw loads of chicks and get paid lots of money. Here’s his cold hard lesson in reality. Not only does he have to strip and pose exactly as he’s ordered to do, but he has to part his furry arse cheeks to show off his hole. This isn’t about worshiping his body and giving him pleasure; it’s about making sure he has the nerve to see a video through and work to give me and the viewer a big hard on.
Added: Feb 7, 2017
Total Photos: 8
When you pit super sexy Northern stud - Sam Barclay, against the big-uncut cock of Scotland - AJ Alexander we know the shoot will be as fun as it is HOT. These lads are playing with AJ's sneaker fetish, luv watching that hunk gasping on Sam's smelly, sweaty sports trainer as he thrusts his weighty, meaty dick up to the bollocks in Sam's juicy hole! Sam's even hotter with the beard and Aj lived feeling it tickling his nuts as Sam swallowed his oversized meat. Our sexy bottom boy is an expert cock swallower even when its as long and girthy as AJ's and as soon as Sam has sucked it to rigid attention he's bending over spreading those sweet cheeks and pushing his fat, uncircumcised dick back as AJ's juicy, uncut tool slides deep....deep inside his hot guts! The guys are at it like pistons, and all the fun and smiles have gone to be replaced with sweat, passion and a soon-to-cum a double fountain of creamy, steamy jizz !
Added: Feb 3, 2017
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Added: Jan 23, 2017
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Lex is back and looking damn fine in his sexy shiny shorts, but he looks even better out of them. There's a lot of cum in his cock needing to be shot out, and his stiffness right from the start shows he's been needing this for a while. We're glad he saved his cream for us, seeing him working his rock hard dick and edging himself to a squirting cum shot makes us all join in with him. Imagine being there to help him out with that solid dick and his heavy cum load. What would you do to make him squirt?
Added: Jan 20, 2017
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Men will be men with beer drinking
Added: Jan 19, 2017
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Best buds Jimmy Clay and Bridger Watts are chilling at home watching the game but something keeps distracting them from the tv. Bridger keeps stealing looks at Jimmy in his bath towel ensemble and Jimmy can't help but notice that Bridger is fidgeting with his cock through his pants. Jimmy asks Bridger what's up with him and Bridger tries to play coy, but Jimmy's gaze freezes him, and before he knows it, the two of them are groping each other on the sofa. Bridger rips Jimmy's towel off of him, exposing Jimmy's hard cock. Bridger works his way down Jimmy's body and begins sucking him off, looking up at Jimmy with his big blue eyes as Jimmy shoves his cock deeper and deeper down Bridger's throat. Jimmy remarks that Bridger sucks a mean dick, but Bridger is more interested in seeing how Jimmy takes a pounding, so he bends his buddy over and pounds him from behind, then lets Jimmy mount him for some riding action. Jimmy strokes his cock as Bridger thrusts repeatedly, fucking the cum out of Jimmy as Bridger pulls out and douses him with a Sunday afternoon load that touches down all over Jimmy's waiting body. As they lay in a sweaty mess, Bridger suggests a little overtime, and Jimmy perks up for round two. Enjoy!
From: 25206
Added: Jan 7, 2017
Total Photos: 10
Masculine hetero Fergus is plunged into the deep end at this test screening for his first man on man video. He’s a cheeky and confident Irishman ready for the challenge. He claims to have never thought about gay sex before, be (even if he’s a little sloppy in his approach) he’s really adept at the mechanics of it. His cock is almost instantly hard and ready as he gets down on his knees to suck another man’s dick for the first time. Since he was raised in a really conservative straight environment, the excuse of making a porn film for money might allow him to explore his unacknowledged sexual fantasies which he’d never do in his normal life. Here Fergus learns what rimming means as his arsehole is given a good tongue lashing for the first time. When his hole is primed and wet, Dave plunges in giving him a good hard fucking. After having his arse filled Fergus is ordered back on his knees to receive a mouthful of spunk. He swallows every drop. Then its Fergus’ turn to get off and he’s back on his knees to taste a man’s anus for the first time. After so much teasing his cock is aching hard and ready to get off. He fucks like a trooper at his first whorehouse then experiences the blissful relief of shooting a big creamy load into Dave’s gaping mouth. After such an extremely successful first time having sex with  a man, we’re expecting a long fruitful career in porn for this hot fella
From: Anonknow
Added: Dec 10, 2016
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A Collection of Straight Dirty Working men
Added: Dec 8, 2016
Total Photos: 11

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