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Gay4pay Tube is a “social video bookmarking service”—users of GayPornMasters can embed the thumbnail of a video on Gay4pay Tube which, when accessed (clicked), plays the video in a “frame” on the Gay4pay Tube site. However—of critical importance—the video remains on the server to which it was originally uploaded; it is not hosted on Gay4pay Tube servers. As the opinion states, “Gay4pay Tube doesn’t touch the data stream, which flows directly from one computer to another, neither being owned or operated by  .com.”

Please verify the studios (if applicable) that you claim you represent match the video links. If you forget to mention one in the information you provide below, we cannot delete it if you pasted a URL that doesn’t match what you claim.

Our host, does not actually host any video content and we verify ALL claims (including accurate information pertaining to the video links you claim you represent)

For example, if you state you represent Studio A,B,C and D and you paste a link from Studio E we will not delete the link from Studio E due to inaccuracy. We will also not remove affiliate videos that our users upload. You can determine affiliate videos by short length or a banner will be underneath the video player.

95% of our videos come from sources like pornhub, redtube, xhamster, tube8, etc. Our goal and intention is to bring all the hottest gay videos to one centralized location and we use videos that are already available to a mass population through major public porn sites.

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